Author:  Burton Ransford
Edited by: Embassy Studio & Medspa

Woman Wearing Blonde Hair Wig Embassy Studio ChicagoThere are so many things to think about when choosing a wig. From the style and color to the product itself, deciding which one best suits you require setting aside some time to consider all the factors. Read on for just a few of the things to think about when choosing a wig.

Real vs. Synthetic Hair

You’ll find a wide variety of high-quality wigs on the market these days, many of which can be styled to your requirements. Real hair wigs are very popular and more expensive than synthetic, but they are easier to style and look more natural. They can also be styled with hot tongs, whereas a synthetic one will get damaged. Real wigs also have a natural hairline.


Choosing the right color is vital when making your selection. Select one that is similar in color to your current hair. If you feel like a change of hair color, a wig is a perfect time to do just that, but make sure the new color looks good on you and enhances your skin tone. Black hair, for example, makes some people look paler than usual and can overwhelm their appearance.

Styling Ability

One of the advantages of a synthetic wig is that it retains its shape well and does not need much adjustment. It can simply be spritzed with water to freshen it up. Real hair wigs require more maintenance to shape and style them and to ensure the hairs do not break. A real hair wig is very versatile and can be styled easily. Some synthetic wigs are heat-resistant now, which enables them to be styled with curling tongs.


The cost of wigs is important to factor into your choice. Think about the amount of use you will get from the wig. However, if you have a health problem and plan to wear the wig for longer periods of time, buying a quality product will help you keep up appearances when you are unwell. Real hair wigs tend to be more expensive than synthetic ones.

When you buy a wig, consider your choices carefully to ensure you get one that makes you feel wonderful and one you’ll enjoy wearing.

At Embassy Studios, we specialize in quality wigs. There are many false impressions of how a wig looks or is maintained, we are proud to stand by our products and say that you can treat your wig similar to your own hair.

Photo Credit: Deedee86 Via Pixabay