Author:  Burton Ransford
Edited by:  Embassy Studio & Medspa

Man and Woman Holding Drinks with Lights Hair Color Embassy Studio ChicagoMost people have heard the saying, “blondes have more fun.” Just how true that depends on several factors. Not surprisingly, there have actually been studies done on hair color and they point out exactly what the opposite sex thinks of various hair colors.

Roughly 90 percent of people in the world have dark hair. Around 2 percent have blonde hair and 1 percent sport red hair. So, does having a rarer hair color make it more popular? A quick look at the local hair salon to see how many women are dying their hair blonde or red, it might seem like that’s the way to go. Science says otherwise, though.

Red hair, the rarest of all, is the least attractive hair color on both men and women. This information was made available through a recent study printed in Psychological Studies by Nicolas Guéguen showed it. He conducted multiple experiments and found that red-headed women received much less attention than their blonde or brunette counterparts. Red-haired men, however, have it the worst. Not only do women find red hair on a guy unattractive, but they’re also far less likely to say yes if he asks them out or offers a drink. In fact, 80 percent of people said they didn’t like people with red hair. Ouch.

Blonde hair certainly seems to be the best, and the studies have shown that blonde women get a lot more attention. When it’s the guy who has the blonde hair, though, women are less likely to accept the invitation. A little investigation shows that blondes are perceived as needier than women with other colors of hair. Guys figure they had a better chance of striking gold with a fair-haired lady, so they approach her first.

Finally, there are brunettes. Traditionally, people think of dark-haired people as being more ordinary, because they are. Black and brown hair is the most common hair color out there, so people are pretty used to seeing it. Turns out, though, that this is actually the most attractive hair color to the opposite sex. More specifically, women prefer men with black hair and men prefer women with darker hair in general.

Why are people so picky about hair color? A lot of it has to do with social stigma. Blonde jokes are a good example. The running theme is that if a person’s hair is light colored, they’re a ditz. Redheaded women are often thought of as hot-tempered. For those interested in landing someone, darker shades are definitely a plus. Hair color matters!

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Photo Credit:  Via StockSnap Via Pixabay