Author: Burton Ransford
Edited by: Embassy Studio & Medspa

Girl Laying Down In Grass Embassy Studio ChicagoThe spring is almost here, and it’s time to think about new beginnings — whether they’re at home or related to your personal appearance. Spring cleaning isn’t the only thing you should be planning this year, as it’s also a great time to give yourself a makeover.

Spring clean your hairstyle for a completely new image with these four tips:

Get a Trim

Spring is a great time to get rid of split ends and knots and start afresh with rejuvenated hair. Regardless of the hairstyle, you’re planning, it’s always a good idea to tidy everything up before changing your look. Once your hair is neat and tidy, what you do with it is entirely up to you. Braid it, wear it up or tie it in a ponytail — the choice is yours.

Get a Protein Treatment

If you’re heading to a salon for your trim, why not get a protein treatment for your hair at the same time? Your hair looks its best when it is full of moisture and protein, so give it a helping hand in readiness for the warmer months of the year.

A protein treatment strengthens hair follicles and rejuvenates dry and brittle hair after a long, harsh winter. You can also give your cuticles and any damaged hair strands you might have a new lease of life.

Add Some Highlights

Spring is a time for new beginnings. It is when color returns to your life, so why not celebrate this momentous occasion by adding a splash of color to your hair? If you have dark hair, for example, lighten up your life with some baby lights. Or to create a multi-dimensional look, some frosted highlights can do wonders for people with lighter hair.

Whatever kind of highlights — or lowlights — you choose, opt for something that gives you a fresh look for the season. Ash blonde lowlights are great if you have naturally light hair. If you’re a brunette, however, pastel highlights could be the way to go.

Protect Your Hair from the Sun

As the temperatures start to rise during spring, it’s always a good idea to take protect your hair from heat and direct sunlight. You can speak with a hair specialist about the various treatments on the market, or you can take the DIY approach with the likes of coconut milk, aloe or lemon, and chamomile.

Transform your hairstyle in time for spring and look forward to new beginnings. At Embassy Studios, we use a multi-therapeutic program with proven products which improve hair health.

Photo Credit: silvia rita Via Pixabay