Author:  Burton Ransford
Edited by: Embassy Studio & Med Spa

Girl Sitting on Bench Long Blonde Hair Embassy Studio ChicagoSpring has arrived! The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and your hair is beginning to look a bit lackluster. Fortunately, springtime is the perfect time of year to make a drastic change to your locks. Whether you are looking for a vibrant color or a bold and daring cut, try one of these fresh hair trends that are all that rage for Spring 2018.

  1. Short Cuts

Long locks are out and short hair is all the rage this season. While celebrity stylists aren’t quite bringing back the pixie cut, they are opting to keep styles short and sweet for spring. If you prefer your hair a little longer, mid-length is a trendy alternative to the long cascading locks that were popular in prior seasons.

  1. Blunt Bangs

Adding bangs to your hairdo is a relatively easy way to transform your existing look. Side-swept and wispy bangs have been a go-to for years, but in 2018, blunt bangs are back. These dramatic bangs certainly aren’t for everyone but they do pair well with a bob style.

  1. Turbans, Pins and Clips

Hair accessories from turban style headbands to sparkling pins and beaded clips are a hot commodity for spring. Instead of pairing them with a dramatic up-do, however, keep the style simple and let the accessories be the star of the show to prevent an over-the-top look.

  1. Brushed-Out Curls

For those with natural curls, you are in luck. The perfectly polished ringlet look is out and natural, frizzy curls are in. Simply brush your curls and embrace the style. The same look can be achieved by those with wavy or straight hair by curling the hair and lightly brushing through them after the curls have set.

  1. Scrunchies

The ‘80s are back and scrunchies came along for the ride. This once dreaded and outdated hair accessory is making a big comeback. Simple, versatile and once again stylish, scrunchies are a great option for controlling stubborn locks on windy spring days or long workouts at the gym.

  1. Fruit Juice Color

The latest craze in hair color trends will likely have you craving a fruit smoothie. The “fruit juice” color is a mix of a vibrant and pastel shades of violet, red and peach. The colors are toned to add a soft glow and the combination creates a deep and dimensional hair color.

By incorporating one of these spring trends into your hairstyle, you will be delighted with a fresh new style that is perfect for the new beginnings associated with the season.

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