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Embassy Studio Hair Replacement & Restoration
Chicago’s Most Trusted Hair Restoration and Hair Replacement Destination

More than just another hair loss salon, Embassy Studio Hair Replacement & Restoration is your complete destination for all things hair related.  It is our mission to provide only the best, and proven solutions so that when you leave our studio, you are more confident, look and feel better, and have an overall better outlook on life because we know your hair matters.  Embassy Studio Hair Replacement & Restoration has had its roots deeply planted in the Chicagoland, and Tri-State area for over 40 years.  With many thousands of satisfied clients, we continue to offer proven, state-of-the-art solutions to treat hair loss, thinning hair, and hair retention. Many of our solutions are totally undetectable, using hair systems so thin, they are virtually undetectable to both the wearer and the onlooker. Embassy Studio Hair Replacement & Restoration is owned and operated by Brad Fogel & Karina Resendiz.  Providing solutions to your thinning hair, and or hair loss is their passion and it has been a lifelong journey.

Embassy Studio Hair Replacement & Restoration is Chicago’s Certified Virtual Reality™ Concept Studio

Put away the hats and scarves. At Embassy Studio, men, women, and children of all ages receive the best care and the newest technologies available. Shower, exercise, walk into the wind without detection or fear of your hair coming off. When done right, hair replacement should be just like your own natural hair. You’ll forget you ever had a hair loss problem.

As a certified Virtual Reality™ Hair Replacement Concept Studio, our talented, professional team will restore the natural volume and healthy look to your hair, resulting in a sensational new look to match your lifestyle or a welcome return to the youthful look you’ve loved for years.

If you or someone you know is suffering from alopecia, pattern hair loss, balding, thinning hair or undergoing a medical procedure causing hair loss, then Embassy Studio Hair Replacement & Restoration has the solution for you!

For a completely natural, totally undetectable look, come in and see for yourself. Any style, any color, any look. Seeing truly is believing!

At Embassy Studio Hair Replacement & Restoration, we encourage you to become an educated consumer. We invite you to contact us with all of the questions you may have. An experienced professional will be more than happy to provide straightforward answers, either over the telephone or in a private, confidential meeting, at a time that is convenient for you.

Conveniently Located in Lincolnwood and just a stone’s throw away from the heart of downtown Chicago, Illinois.

Embassy Studio Hair Replacement & Restoration is conveniently located in Lincolnwood, IL. We are Chicagoland and the Tri-State area premiere state-of-the-art hair restoration, hair replacement, and hair retention facility. Among one of the first studios of its kind in Illinois, Embassy Studio Hair Replacement & Restoration has a proven track record of providing the best solutions and treatments, we are your total destination for all things hair!

As a professional, client-focused hair replacement center, with over 40 years of service to the greater Chicago and the tri-state area, Embassy Studio Hair Replacement & Restoration continues to be a leader in, creativity, customer satisfaction, and proven results!

Our staff regularly participates in continuing professional education programs, including seminars, training classes and certification programs throughout the year… every year. We are particularly proud to be recognized among the top 5% of hair replacement centers nationwide!

Always Exceptional Customer Service

Since 1975, Embassy Studio Hair Replacement & Restoration has placed the highest priority on quality and service to our clientele. We extend every courtesy and accommodation to our clients to ensure a pleasant experience. With convenient, parking, Embassy Studio Hair Replacement & Restoration is specifically designed for your comfort and privacy. We believe you’ll find your experience with us, exceptional.

State-of-the-Art Women’s Hair Restoration

We encourage you to schedule your, confidential consultation today. Meet with a trained professional at our state-of-the-art center. There is no obligation! Your image consultant will provide information regarding the causes of hair loss, and go over the options that would fit your specific lifestyle and budget.

Each of our procedures is individually designed for your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget. Whether you are just starting to experience thinning hair, or are in the most advanced stages of hair loss, we can help with our full spectrum of professional treatment options.

At Embassy Studio, we constantly strive to give you the freedom to choose what is the absolute best solution for you. We provide you with personalized custom solutions that are so incredibly natural that there is simply no reason to suffer any longer.