JUVÉDERM® Wrinkle Reduction

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Juvederm at Embassy Studio and Med Spa Chicago

It’s no secret our skin ages as we do. Folds and wrinkles begin to appear as the natural volume of our youthful skin decreases. Juvederm injectable gel is here to help!

Juvederm injectable gel is a next-generation in dermal fillers that was recently approved by the FDA. This gel has a smooth consistency and works to instantly smooth away nasolabial folds around the corners of the mouth, facial wrinkles, “smile lines,” facial folds and creases to restore skins natural, youthful volume.

It’s easy to keep your youthful appearance and wrinkles at bay with the Juvederm injectable filler. Our patients in the Chicago and Tri-State area enjoy how these convenient, painless treatments increase self-confidence and erase years of skin aging. Juvederm injectable gel is one among many, non-surgical hair loss and med spa treatments offered to keep you feeling and looking youthful and self-confident.

Juvederm Dermal Filler Skin Treatments at Embassy Studio and Med Spa Chicago

Benefits of using Juvederm Wrinkle Reduction Injectable Fillers

Men and women between the ages of 35 and 65 both choose to use Juvederm dermal filler treatments for a number of the following reasons:

  • A reduction of wrinkles and facial lines, around the eyes, sides of the mouth, and especially across the forehead
  • Creation of sculpted, fuller looking lips
  • Filling in minor scars caused by chicken pox or acne

Dr. Klein may suggest combining Botox Cosmetic with Juvederm dermal filler treatment in order to achieve better results in specific cases. (Insert link that states “Juvederm safety considerations”)

The Embassy Studio and Med Spa, located in the greater Chicago and Tri-State area, offers a wide variety of non-surgical hair and skin rejuvenation treatment programs to restore your sense of self-confidence, help you look younger, and live life in your own way, having your own individual sense of style and emotional comfort.

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