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Latisse at Embassy Studio and Med Spa Chicago

Get Longer Eyelashes with the Latisse Solution

Latisse at Embassy Studio and Med Spa Chicago

The key to great eyelashes is that it’s not something that happens overnight. The Latisse solution works at a gradual pace to bring exceptional results. In as little as 16 weeks, you should see results. Once treatment is started, you should apply the topical solution every night. Failure to continue application will result in eyelashes returning to their previous appearance over a period of several weeks or months.

Latisse is a version of an eye drop glaucoma drug called bimatoprost, which has been in use since its FDA approval in 2001. It was at that point that doctors and their glaucoma patients noticed the hair growth side effect with bimatoprost. They noticed eyelashes that grew longer and more lush over time. As this became more evident, celebrity figures like Mandy Moore and Jenny McCarthy reportedly used Latisse. Advertising spokespeople for Latisse include Brooke Shields and Claire Danes. A star from the show Mad Men, Christina Hendricks, teamed up with a charity fundraising campaign to promote the product called the Latisse Wishes Challenge.

The Latisse Solution: What to Expect.

Latisse Before After at-Embassy Studio and med Spa Chicago

Progression through the treatment process will show changes as your eyelashes grow in length. The thickness and darkness of the lashes will also gradually change, with lusher and fuller lashes appearing. You may notice that the results are satisfying as soon as week 8, but this does not mean you should stop treatment. Going the 16-week difference will show the full effect of the Latisse solution.  Full results usually appeared in as little as 12 to 16 weeks, using Latisse daily, in clinical studies.

The application process of the Latisse solution is very simple. Using the sterile applicators supplied, you dab the solution on the upper lash line every night. As you blink the solution will spread to your lower eyelid, meaning there is no need to apply directly to the lower lid.  Do not apply directly in the eye. Make sure your face is clean and contact lenses are removed before application. Discard each applicator after a single-use. Reuse of applicators can cause serious problems such as allergic reactions or eye infection. Due to the fact that Latisse may promote hair growth in other areas, apply the solution carefully.</P

Side Effects associated with Latisse

Latisse 0-16 Weeks

A clinical study performed for FDA approval showed that Latisse eyelash lengthener is a safe product for most people to use.  Certain circumstances may make the product unsafe for use such as eye problems like uveitis and conjunctivitis, if you are at risk for macular edema, or if you have skin infections or severe allergies of the upper eyelids. Women who are pregnant should not use Latisse, and women who are nursing are encouraged to wait.

Due to the fact that Latisse includes an active ingredient that lowers intraocular pressure, using Latisse in conjunction with another IOP-lowering medication (for glaucoma or hypertension) should be monitored by an eye doctor to check eye pressure. A majority of study participants did not have any problems when Latisse accidentally got into their eyes.  However, a few participants did experience side effects that included eyelid skin darkening and dry eyes. The most common side effects included eye redness and mild itchiness.