Look Younger with the Microcurrent Face-Lift

Immediate Improvement from Non-Invasive Treatment

During the 1970s, facelifts were very popular however the methods used back then warranted painful recovery. Now using Micro-current non-surgical face-lifts, you can get all the results of a facelift without any painful side-effects. This method is increasingly sought after for its powerful ability to work against sagging skin and removing wrinkles and superficial lines. The non-surgical facelift has skin tightening results with the very first treatment. You will not need anesthesia, nor will you need to miss work because there is no recovery time and no needles. Your family and friends will enjoy seeing a younger looking you.

Microcurrent Face Lift Treatment at Embassy Studio Chicago

Microcurrent: How does it Work?

Microcurrent technology is the only aesthetic treatment that uses muscle re-education to physically firm and tones the skin. During the average microcurrent procedure, 32 muscles in the face are treated. We can stimulate muscle memory naturally by reproducing the body’s own biological current. The procedure uses very small amounts of electricity (no more than 2 probes and wet Q-tips on the ends) to stimulate fine facial muscles. The practitioner takes the probes and gently moves them in certain sequences on the patients face to re-educate and stimulate the weakened muscles underneath the face and neck.

Following treatment, the results will show toned muscles which will help reduce the appearances of wrinkles and fine lines, show improved skin texture, help jaw and brow lines appear more defined, help better facial circulation, and give a youthful glow to the face and neck. This treatment improves the overall health of the skin by stimulating the production of amino acids that are necessary for skin repair.

The following are typical results of the microcurrent process:

  • Improved skin circulation
  • Removal of toxic deposits
  • Restoration of skin elasticity
  • Increased collagen levels
  • Improved muscle tone, nourishment to all skin layers
  • Reduction of eye puffiness or bags under the eyes
  • Improved skin health will make blemishes and age spots disappear

Microcurrent: Immediate Improvement

A common question regarding the microcurrent face-lift is; does it really work? A study was conducted and found that collagen levels were increased by 14 percent, elastin production increased by 48 percent, and blood circulation was increased by 38 percent. In the past electrical stimulation has shown, in studies, to help improve range of motion in head and neck cancer patients and help reduce muscle pain. Microcurrent face-lift’s only real downside is that, in order to get optimal results, most patients go through as little as 7 to 12 treatments. The number of treatments is dependent on that individual’s skin condition. If you want to look and feel younger, microcurrent therapy might be just what you need.