Priapus Shot Chicago or P-Shot Chicago

Is A Revolutionary Treatment for Penis Enhancement and Rejuvenation

Priapus Shot or P-Shot to to enhance size and improve sexual performance available at Embassy Studio Chicago

P-Shot Chicago or The Priapus Shot rejuvenates the penis using platelet-rich plasma (PRP).  Since this process is natural, the body does not reject it and the treatment is very successful.  As men age testosterone levels decrease, which can lead to problems in their sex life.

Having a smaller penis size than you would like or having difficulty maintaining or achieving an erection can have a big impact on your intimate relationships and sex life.

There are a number of components to consider in order to create optimal penis size and health. You must have an intact nerve supply, adequate sexual energy (usually testosterone related) and desire, and optimal blood flow. Penis size is often determined by genetics however some men desire more length and girth. Some medications on the market now work to cause vasodilation, which opens blood vessels for more flow. These pills often help but in the end don’t always work. Initially, these pills do a good job increasing blood flow to the penis, but then the original culprit that caused the decrease in blood flow continues as the pill wears off and these pills have serious side effects that can cause severe headaches, heart attack, and stroke. The Priapus Shot, however, has little to no side effects because it uses the body’s own plasma enriched growth factors.

The following are improvements patients report after using the Priapus shot:

  • Increased quality of erection.
  • Increase in penis length and girth by at least ½ inch.
  • A younger feeling love life.
  • Severely increasing blood flow to the penis by opening capillaries and small arteries and, in doing so, avoiding systemic vascular side effects than Viagra and other medications can create.
  • No reported systemic side effects due to the PRP being derived from your own body.
  • Results are seen in as soon as one to three weeks. Full effects are felt within as little as three months.
  • Effects last typically over a year.

Priapus Shot: The procedure

This is a very simple procedure that starts with the application of a numbing cream so the patient doesn’t feel any discomfort. The P-shot is then injected with a small needle to specific areas of the penis. This is a painless injection and there is no downtime after the procedure. It takes about 20 minutes or less to perform, and you can return to normal activity immediately.