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True To Life Wigs from Embassy Studio and Med Spa Lincolnwood-Chicago AreaEmbassy Studio’s Luxury and Lifestyle Custom Wigs – Chicago 100% Natural European and Human Hair for the Hair of Your Dreams

Every woman wants to look beautiful, feel attractive, and radiate confidence. At Embassy Studio in Chicago, that is the reason we are so energized and pleased to report our new line of Embassy Studio’s Wigs.

We offer a complete line of natural-looking wigs at the highest quality. We strongly encourage you to come in for a consultation and see what our latest completely natural-looking wigs can do for your confidence.


Your Desire. Our Aspiration.

Wigs from Embassy Studio and Med Spa Chicago
Below are a few options that we offer for you as a client and for your needs:

  • Top of the head hair augmentation.
  • Full head frameworks
  • Pre-made or custom

Embassy Studio uses the finest hair from Europe and comes in various colors and styles allowing you to have the look and style that matches your lifestyle. The best part is unlike cheap wigs, you can style our high-end wigs.

Chemotherapy and Alopecia Custom Wigs and Hair Loss Treatments In Chicago

There are many reasons why you might have lost your hair, here are a few cases that we have helped other customers:

  • Alopecia Totalis
  • Alopecia Universalis
  • Chemotherapy Radiation Treatments
  • Drugs and Surgery
  • Health and Stress
  • Chemical Damage
  • Mishap Injury Burns and Scars Disaster injury.

Wigs from Embassy Studio and Med Spa Chicago

There are a few treatment alternatives accessible for those encountering chemotherapy, male pattern baldness, or other related hair loss. Some people may choose to wear hats or other ways to cover up hair loss. We encourage everyone to feel themselves again with a wig from Embassy Studios.

We are not the typical wig shop that you may find at a retail store. We sit down with you to customize a wig that matches you and not just something off the shelf.

They are intended to meet an individual’s needs and to look like natural hair. Whatever the reason, any medical-related hair loss can be restored to the patient’s unique look.

Wigs for Trichotillomania (Compulsive Hair Pulling) Many individuals have anxiety and stress differently, however, individuals who pull out their hair can find themselves negatively affecting their physical appearance. Hair pulling is a  mystery for many people who do it, however, it is not particularly uncommon. Specialists gauge than 4 million Americans have what is called trichotillomania (trick-o-till-o-man-ee-a). In the event that wigs or hair substitution are something you need to consider, the experienced hair loss specialists at Embassy Studio in Chicago will offer you some assistance with finding the right choice.

Embassy Studios Human Hair Wigs for Women

For a define style and comfort, there is nothing like Embassy Studio’s human hair wigs. Although there are many false impressions of how a wig looks or maintained, we are proud to stand by our product and say that you can treat your wig similar to your own hair. Style it as you want, you can use blow dryers, and even rollers. Our wigs give you flexibility in how you style it.


We urge you to plan your, private consultation today. Meet with an experienced Embassy Studio Specialist at our cutting-edge studio in Chicago, Illinois. There is no charge or commitment! Your specialist will give information with respect to reasons for hair loss and alternatives customized to your way of life.

At Embassy Studio, we always strive to give you the flexibility to pick the right solution for you. We give our customers customized hair replacement options both surgical and non-surgical. We are the only hair restoration studio in Chicago that offers all solution for hair loss.